About Us

The Youth EmpowHERment Sleepover is a two-day conference that connects girls aged 13 - 18 to mental health resources. It is the only mental health event in LA for girls in this age group.

In 2018 our founder Brianna Reed attended a life-changing conference. She was 14 years old and struggling with extreme depression and anxiety.

In a hopeful search to find support for Brianna, her mom discovered a conference whose target audience was definitely older than she was at the time. While some of the subject matter was too mature, the lessons she learned were valuable, and the relationships she developed gave her an encouraging perspective she hadn’t felt before. Days after, Brianna was eager to create this same experience but designed for girls her age. Her mom, Vanessa Reed, a former non-profit school director, noticed how much the community element of the conference affected Brianna, she knew other girls & their parents could benefit as much as they did. They combined their passions and set out on the journey of creating a space that was fun and insightful for young girls and trusted by parents.  

After a lot of hard work and care, in 2019, they hosted the first-ever YES sleepover and it was a glowing success. They saw girls thriving at the Saturday night talent show, digging deep into their own self-reflection, and listening closely to qualified speakers and educators. They knew this had to be an annual event.

After taking a break due to the pandemic, the team is thrilled to be bringing the event back this year.

What to expect from our 2022 sleepover:
Dynamic workshops, engaging discussions, practical advice and a community of girls who are committed to improving their lives through mental health education and healthy living strategies. Oh, and we won't forget to mention the dance party or the talent show, because self-care is all about balance.

Topics include:
Increasing mental health awareness
Understanding relationships
Improving communication
Practicing mindfulness and meditation
Adopting healthy living habits
Building self-confidence
Learning body positivity
Navigating social media

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Our Purpose

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Facilitate introductions between girls and the individuals and organizations who share the goal of improving mental health among today's youth.

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Encourage girls to love themselves and to believe they are capable of incredible things.

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Provide girls with the emotional tool belt and necessary resources to inspire well-rounded, consistent self-care and foster a positive self-image.